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What Clients Say About Angel’s Hands Massage Services

Christine Farrell
Thank you for all that you do to help my body heal and recover. You truly are a gifted person. If not for your healing hands and techniques, I would never have been able to run the Philadelphia Half Marathon.

Sincerely, Ninfa M. Saunders, DrHA
I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation in behalf of Barbara Toritto. I have been coming to Mrs. Toritto for almost a year after having been referred to her practice by a clinician from Virtua and after a long search for a knowledgeable therapist.

Mrs. Toritto poses excellent skills, a very competent understanding of the human anatomy, and in particular the musculo-skeletal structure and functions. It is her depth of knowledge that makes her an exceptional therapist. Her technique C.A.P.R. is well grounded in science, her style is very therapeutic and the results are outstanding and above all sustainable. As one who frequently seeks the intervention of a therapist, I find myself most selective and critical of the therapist’s technique and interventional consistency. Mrs. Toritto’s competency is excellent and exceeds my expectation every time.

It is for all the reasons cited here, that I highly recommend her work to you.

Dr. Elizabeth A Thompson, MD--Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine - Virtua Health Care Systems
I have been a client of Angel Hands Massage Therapy for the past 3 years. I have been to many different therapists over the years, but Barbara of Angel Hands LLC, is the only one I have ever returned to. She not only knows her anatomy better than most first year medical students, she understands the mechanics of how the muscles groups work together. Her techniques are not only relaxing but therapeutic. She has used her own CAPR–Contraction Assisted Pressure Release modality to treat both the tendonitis in my ankle as well as rotator cuff problems, with amazing results. I have referred patients of mine to her and will continue to do so with confidence in her ability to recognize and treat their musculoskeletal issues.
Lynda Tobin, CRNP--Attending Physician, Emergency Medicine - Virtua Health Care Systems
I have been lucky enough to be a client of Barb Toritto’s Massage Therapy for over ten years. I say lucky, because I am convinced that without her unique approach to muscle /tension release, I would be a cripple as a result of my very active life.

I first met Barb during a period of extreme stress in my life. I had developed chest heaviness and difficulty breathing, and a full medical /cardiac work up was negative. A friend gifted me a massage with Barb, and it was like magic when she released the tension in my intercostals and upper back muscles, enabling me to breathe again. Over the ensuing years, Barb has successfully treated me for a variety of ailments: lower back pain with disabling sciatica, pulled muscles in my quad’s and hamstrings, and most recently tennis elbow.I have utilized other therapists, but have found that Barb’s unique technique, which incorporates small muscle movement while she is applying pressure, not only relaxes my muscles but helps to restore my muscle mechanics more efficiently than “regular massage”.

My own experience with Barb has illustrated to me the impact of muscle tension on pain, something often overlooked by healthcare providers. Because Barb is extremely professional, reliable and effective, I have recommended families, friends and patient’s to her; without exception, they have all felt as I do.