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What Clients Say About Angel’s Hands Reiki Energy Healing in Moorestown, NJ

Sarah M.
Find Peace & Balance Just by Walking In

Barbara has incredible energy and she unequivocally a master of her trade.  Each Reiki Session is unique and uncovers a new aspect of energy shifting as well as releasing.  She has opened up channels for me that have been lasting and powerful.  Energy work is never ending and I am happy to have her as a resource on my journey in this life.  My favorite part of any of my sessions is simply coming to her location.  She has created and continues to maintain such a tranquil environment.  You find peace, healing and balance simply by walking in and then it just gets better from there!


When you put in time to learn Reiki and become a Third Level Master, you have devoted your life to using the principles you have learned and applying them not only professionally but also applying them in daily life.

Barbara Toritto has done just that.  I have witnessed her work with many people and see that she has done the processes and allows the energy to do the work.

A session with her is something to be experienced! You will have your own reality about this when you have a session with her.

Witnessed by Bill Moore Reiki III Master and Pranic Healing Practitioner.

Waves of Beautiful Energy

Barbara Toritto is an excellent energy worker! I’ve had wonderful energy healing sessions with her, both Rieki and Healing Touch. Barbara is highly skilled, experienced and sensitive. She cares deeply and passionately about her work and achieves fantastic results. She gives you her full and undivided attention and has a real presence in the room and beyond. I felt waves of beautiful healing energy during sessions with her. Afterwards I felt deeply calmed and grounded, extremely peaceful. Whether you are aware of your needs or not, I believe that working with her will give you what you need. Vicki Handfield

Angelic Reiki Master

I was extremely particular in my search for a genuine Reiki Master for years. I intuitively knew when I found Barbara’s advertisement she was authentic. My first session with Barbara revealed a past trauma in my solar plexus that no one could have known about. Barbara is truly intuitive, empathetic and gifted in premonitions. She effortlessly access’ the higher consciousness while healing the mind, body and spirit as the universal life force flows through her hands. The healing energy is very powerful and restorative in bringing together wholeness and harmony to create the perfect balance. Barbara is a genuine, honest, and a sincere person. She truly heals from the heart. Her love and compassion to heal others is evident from the first visit. As soon as you meet Barbara you will feel her Angelic presence. It is difficult to find her unique traits, characteristics and aptitude of evolved abilities within this realm of existence.

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