Long Distance Reiki

Long Distance Reiki

Japanese Energy Healing

Long Distance Reiki is a powerful energy healing.

Reiki is a Japanese form of Energy Healing. A subtle energy flows thru the chakras of the practitioners body and then flows out of the hands of a Reiki practitioner.  This is not the practitioners energy but the Universal Energy that surrounds all of us. This energy can only be used for healing. If the practitioner tries to manipulate this energy into being used how they feel it should be used it will immediately stop flowing. As a Healer, I want to try and do everything that I can to help people and animals to heal and be pain-free. As a practitioner, you must step outside of your ego and allow the Reiki to do what it needs to do. When I do this and trust in Reiki amazing things happen.  I will be sharing many stories of different sessions in my new blog.

I have used Long Distance Reiki to help my father-in-law pass on from this life.  My father-in-law lived in a different state then my husband and I do but it is possible to send Reiki long distance.  Having said that, I need to explain that Reiki will not work if you don’t have the acceptance of the person or animal that you are trying to help.  It can be challenging to understand this concept but with the use of Reiki symbols, particularly the long distance symbol, a practitioner can connect with this person or animal on an energy level even if the person has passed from this life.  In my blog I will be sharing the details of my Reiki Level 2 class.  This is where I became attuned to do long distance Reiki.  It was AMAZING!

I cannot emphasize enough how important intention comes into play with Reiki healing, especially in long distance Reiki. As a practitioner and healer, I must always have the intention to use Reiki for the highest good for the receiver and the person or animal must truly wish to accept and receive this healing.

Barbara Toritto, NJLMT, Reiki Master

If you have any questions about Reiki please don’t hesitate to contact Barbara.