C.A.P.R. Method


Contraction Assisted Pressure Release

Most people feel the difference immediately.

Contraction Assisted Pressure Release is a Muscle Therapy that is used to decrease chronic and acute pain. C.A.P.R. works by unlocking areas of focal muscle spasms. This is not a relaxing massage technique; it is a muscle intervention.

One of the unique qualities of this therapy is that if it is going to work for you, you will feel a substantial change in the level of pain as well as an increase in range of motion within 24 hours.

This technique can be performed thru light clothing or against the skin and may be combined with other modalities.

Applications of C.A.P.R.

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Carpal Tunnel like symptoms very often are caused by over use of the hands and forearms. The overuse causes the muscles to become tight and contracted, or shortened, and this causes inflammation of the tendons as well as displacement of one or more of the eight carpel bones in the wrist. When this happens the tendons and or Carpal bones cause pressure to be placed on the Median nerve which causes pain, numbness and weakness in the hands. Sometimes the Brachial Plexus nerve can become stressed by the Scalene muscles in the anterior neck and this will cause the same symptoms in the arm and hand. C.A.P.R. can release the contractures in these muscles and thereby releasing the pressure on the nerves. The difference can be noted immediately.

Migraine Headache Relief

Many people who suffer from migraine headaches also have very tight neck muscles. As the muscles of the start to contract they get shorter and this causes the vertebrae to pull out of their natural alignment. This causes the nerves in between the vertebras to become compress and send the pain message. During C.A.P.R. I work to release the contractures in the muscles so that the vertebrae may shift back into placement on their own and the nerves are then free of compression.

Sciatic Nerve Pain

In my practice I have found that my clients who are experiencing sciatic nerve pain also have extremely tight low back muscles, tight gluteus muscles as well as the lateral thigh muscles. For many people, the piriformis muscle which lies under the gluteus muscle is very tight and contracted. The sciatic nerve lies under the piriformis muscle and in some people actually goes thru the piriformis muscle. When this muscle is constricted it will put enough pressure on the nerve to cause pain. By loosening and relaxing the gluteus muscles as well as the deep lateral leg rotator muscles the nerve is very often free of compression and free of pain.

Many Muscular/Skeletal Pain

There are many pain issues that are skeletal based such as arthritis and spinal stenosis that cannot be helped by massage or muscle therapy. The pain that comes as a result of these conditions cause the muscles to contract in response and thereby causes more pain. This is where C.A.P.R. can be helpful. If you have any interest in seeing if my technique can be effective in helping you to manage your level of pain please don’t hesitate to call and we can discuss your particular needs.

C.A.P.R. Muscle therapy developed by:

Barbara Toritto, NJLMT

Dr. Thaddeus Bartter, M.D.